Nebula Bowl

ø19 x 13cm


A cool and stylish contemporary design within our Nebula range, created by applying numerous shards of blue and fuchsia glass that captures delicate air bubbles between the layers, this bowl recreates the ethereal light and space of the interstellar clouds that provided inspiration for this vessel.

Nebula Vase

ø13 x 34cm


Using shards of blue and fuchsia glass, colour is applied to this vessel in several layers. Capturing small bubbles between the layers during the colouring process, the motif of the Nebula vase draws inspiration from the interstellar clouds of gas and dust found in outer space.

Nebula Cylinder

ø10 x 24cm


A captivating member of the Nebula family, this soft cylinder is inspired by the light, space and colour of the interstellar clouds of the same name. A colour motif produced through the application of several layers of blue, purple and amethyst shards of glass, creating a piece of amazing colour depth.