Luna Cylinder

ø12 x 26cm



This effect is produced when a bubble of transparent amethyst surrounded by an opaque blue is shocked when submerged in cold water and inflated to expand the hotter core and crack its surface. The Luna cylinder perfectly illustrates the results of this technique and using clean lines to create a truly eye-catching piece.

Pulsar Cylinder

ø9 x 27cm


Drawing inspiration from Pulsars – rapidly rotating neutron stars and the massive energy created by them. Using fine red threads of colour and blue powdered pigments overlayed onto an opaque white base, this sleek cylinder creates its energy with a motif that wraps and flows beautifully around the vessel.

Magma Cylinder

ø12 x 25cm


A captivating vessel within our Magma range, this cylinder draws its inspiration from the heat and energy below the earths surface and the cooling effect when exposed to air. Using a crackle motif that allows light to diffuse through a layer of opaque yellow and orange, this piece brings intense colour and energy to any living space.

Nebula Cylinder

ø10 x 24cm


A captivating member of the Nebula family, this soft cylinder is inspired by the light, space and colour of the interstellar clouds of the same name. A colour motif produced through the application of several layers of blue, purple and amethyst shards of glass, creating a piece of amazing colour depth.

Odessa Cylinder

ø14 x 21cm


A colour palette of greens, blues and yellows gives a natural earthy feel to this large cylinder. A crackled effect on the surface allows for small chinks of light to pass through the darker exterior of this mysterious and impactful piece.

Cadmium Yellow Coronal Loop Cylinder

ø11 x 24cm


A  piece that uses numerous cadmium yellow canes that are twisted and then wrapped around the vessel to produce an intricate motif reminiscent of the solar flares that inspired it. Allowing the Sun’s natural light to shine through this piece will bring a natural warmth and energy into any room.

Red & White Coronal Loop Cylinder

ø11 x 19cm


Inspired by Coronal Loops – arcing loops of electrified plasma created on the Sun’s surface, this striking cylinder uses delicate cadmium red threads over an opaque white base to evoke the warmth and energy of the solar phenomenon that inspired it.

Yellow & Blue Coronal Loop Cylinder

ø10 x 25cm


Inspired by Coronal Loops – arcing loops of electrified plasma created on the Sun’s surface, this striking cylinder uses fine threads of silver dark blue and brilliant gold powder over an opaque white base producing a vibrant and compelling piece.