Nebula Bowl

ø19 x 13cm


A cool and stylish contemporary design within our Nebula range, created by applying numerous shards of blue and fuchsia glass that captures delicate air bubbles between the layers, this bowl recreates the ethereal light and space of the interstellar clouds that provided inspiration for this vessel.

Luna Bowl

ø18 x 15cm


This effect is produced when a bubble of transparent amethyst surrounded by an opaque blue is shocked when submerged in cold water and inflated to expand the hotter core and crack its surface. The contemporary design of this one-of-a-kind bowl produces a beautifully stylish centrepiece for your home.

Pulsar Bowl

ø13 x 28cm


Drawing inspiration from Pulsars – rapidly rotating neutron stars and the massive energy created by them. Using fine red threads of colour and blue powdered pigments overlayed onto a translucent white base, this eye-catching bowl is sure to be talking point whether used for functional or decorative purposes.

Magma Bowl

ø23 x 15cm


A large centrepiece bowl within our Magma range, this vessel utilises a crackle technique to stunning effect that allows light to diffuse through the outer layer of opaque yellow and orange, evoking the intensity and energy of cooling lava flows.


Cadmium Red Coronal Loop Bowl

ø26 x 13cm


Inspired by Coronal Loops – arcing loops of electrified plasma created on the Sun’s surface, this captivating centrepiece bowl uses delicate cadmium red threads of colour to wrap the form in a remarkable swirling pattern that will fascinate the viewer.