Here are some common questions about Eleven50º Glass Design.

What is hand blown glass?

At Eleven50º Glass Design all of our products are hand blown meaning that all we only use traditional hand tools and techniques to shape and finish our pieces. Unlike mass produced glass we do not blow into moulds to create our final forms which ensures each piece is unique to you.

Why buy hand blown glass?

We pride ourselves on producing glass that is unique to you. Every piece we produce has been lovingly crafted by hand and no mass production techniques are adopted in the creation process. This means that from our design drawings to our finished product we create everything by hand and do not use mass production blow moulds to force uniformity of our vessels. Our head designer and glassblower David Walton takes his design sketches from paper to the glassblowing studio and recreates his artistic vision for the vessel on the end of a blowing iron and allows for creative adjustments during the production process to refine the final piece.

Why are there bubbles in the glass?

The bubbles trapped in the glass in some of our pieces are part of the design. When we colour our pieces by hand some of the techniques we employ often capture some bubbles between the layers of colour and glass that we believe add to the aesthetic of the vessel and are a hallmark of handmade glass.

What is mark at the bottom of our glass?

The mark at the bottom of the glass is called a pontil mark or punty mark. After we hand  shape the bottom of the piece we transfer the glass from the blowing iron onto a solid punty iron in order to open up and shape the rim of the vessel. When the piece is finished we knock it off the punty iron which leaves a small mark on the base and is a true hallmark of handmade glass. We do polish and grind our bases when needed and occasionally this mark will be removed in the process but don’t worry we can assure you that our glass is not made in a mould.

How is the glass coloured?

One of the key features of an Eleven50º Glass Design piece is the range of colouring techniques we use. We use powders, chips and bars of coloured glass to create our beautiful motifs that are melted into the clear glass we take from the furnace to produce a permanent pigmentation. We then encase our colours with an outer layer of clear glass to produce our final finish.

How hot is the glass?

The working temperature of the furnace is typically 1150ºC (hence our name) however when we melt our glass the furnace will reach temperatures of 1350ºC.

How do I care for my Eleven50º Glass Design piece?

We recommend that our glass is washed in lukewarm water using a dishwashing liquid and soft cloth or sponge. We do not recommend washing your piece in a dishwasher due to the high temperature and the potential for the piece to crack due to thermal shock. Using a soft cloth and a glass cleaner is also suitable for cleaning the glass. To avoid watermarks being left on the glass dry your piece directly after cleaning using a dry soft cloth.

Do you have a studio I can visit?

We currently operate out of public access facilities to produce our current range and finish and polish the work in a small private studio in Dublin, so unfortunately at this time we do not have a production studio that is open to the public but have big plans to do so in the near future.

Is Eleven50º Glass Design made in Ireland?

Due to the unavailability of open access hot glass studios in Ireland our debut product range was produced at Vrij Glas Foundation, Amsterdam, a facility that has played host to numerous visiting glass artists throughout its history. We do however polish and finish our pieces in our studio in Dublin before we ship to our customers. We are currently developing plans for our own glassblowing studio in Ireland.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

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