Eleven50º Glass Design is a creative start-up established by David Walton in 2016. After graduating from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1999, David spent the early part of his creative career working in stained glass and lighting design at home in Ireland and internationally.

David moved on to a highly successful career in the sale of fast moving consumable goods but after a decade in the corporate world, began to feel creatively unfulfilled. In 2015 David took the bold decision to hang up his suit and tie, hand back his company car and make a return to his true passion in life; hand-blown, contemporary glass.

At Eleven50º Glass Design our vision is clear — we want to share our love and passion for glassmaking with you. Using production techniques that are over 2000 years old and working with molten glass at temperatures of 1150ºC, all of our glass is made by hand. Each piece combines bold contemporary colour and design with traditional hand shaping techniques to create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

At Eleven50º Glass Design we are inspired by contemporary design and how colour and light can enhance any living space. We view our clean, modern vessel forms as canvases for light and colour allowing the interplay of these elements to create an ever-changing focal point in your living environment.  Our range is inspired by the natural world, encapsulating colour and motif from the cellular to the cosmos.  Our artisan production process, colour palettes and application techniques ensure that your Eleven50º Glass Design piece is completely exclusive to you.

Though Eleven50º Glass Design is in its infancy, we have big ambitions for 2018 focused on sharing the incredible experience of how hand-blown glass is produced. We are currently developing plans for our own studio in Ireland and create a visitor experience that allows you to witness first hand the skill and passion that goes into making each piece. The creatively adventurous can also experience blowing and shaping glass through our hands-on courses and workshops.

At Eleven50º Glass Design we truly believe that creative fulfilment can transform lives. The art of glassmaking is a truly inspiring way to use your hands, your breath and your imagination to shape something beautiful. Having first encountered glassblowing at the age of 19 and appreciating the positive impact it made on his life, David wants to share his love and passion for the craft with a new generation of glassmakers . With this in mind, the long term vision of Eleven50º Glass Design is to develop as a Social Enterprise engaging  with marginalised young people through the provision of supported workshops and apprenticeships in the production studio.